A new culture and set of social capabilities is emerging in both the consumer and enterprise space. Social is bleeding into every aspect of collaboration both internal and external.  Customers are collaborating with each other, sharing information and influencing decision-making.


You’ve invested time and money in productivity software, and your organization’s outputs and efficiencies remain almost the same. What happened? Productivity is achieved through people, process, and technology. Organizations are quick to upgrade to the next version of workflow, collaboration, the social add-on, and the online CRM system without first identifying what needs to be different and how to affect change in the work process. For productivity to improve, the work itself needs to be redesigned.

Work redesigned is: 

  • Process analysts evaluating and improving the process, user interfaces designed to engage and educate, and software architects selecting and configuring the right technology to achieve measurable differences Read Case Study or Watch Video
  • When Collaboration moves beyond emails, online file shares, and team sites and becomes purposeful collaboration and workflow, integrating social platforms into the fabric of your business to equally support onsite and field personnel. 
  • Relationship management that goes beyond CRM as a sales pipeline or call center enabler and engages with your partners, customers, and employees. It is facilitating the conversation – giving and getting information. 
  • Understanding enterprise social enablement is more than an intranet, IM, Facebook, and Twitter. It is employees able to find and talk to each other building new value across traditional hierarchies and silos. 
  • Enterprise Content Management System designed with the right information architecture (IA), user centric interface (UI/UX), and well architected search experience that makes finding the right information amongst thousands of files probable. 

REIMAGINE productivity and experience the possibilities in our Customer Immersion lab. Enjoy a facilitated discovery workshop where our expert Business Analysts get to know your business and DESIGN productivity solutions that are the right mix of people, process, and technology. When social information becomes embedded in your tools and processes you can ENGAGE with your employees, customers, and partners to become a truly responsive and integrated workforce.

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